Pete Sherrard

Conflict 1

conflict1 lowfacesmall

This sculpture is about internal conflict.

 I am interested in the battle between our animalistic urges and our intellectual thoughts. This conflict seems to be so fundamental to the idea of consciousness that it is often stated as the main difference between man and animals.



















Caution restrains our urges. Doubt tempers our ambitions. Intellect holds back our actions. These conflicts, however menial or profound, permanently affect us at every level. For instance: staying in a relationship that doesn’t make us happy, eating another cake when we want to lose weight or picking up a gun to defend our family even though we hate violence. These forces are conflicting and opposing. They are finely balanced, but rarely stay in equilibrium.

The two figures represent these forces. The upper figure is energetic and uplifting and the lower figure is solid and grounding. Therefore, I don’t want either of them to dominate the other or for there to be a sense of good or bad. Both figures need each other. Like two spinning planets, pulling against one another, dragging themselves in opposite directions. They revolve around themselves and one without the other would collapse or spin away out of control.

I’m posing a question, not making a statement. My intention is to trigger a sense of recognition, a feeling of familiarity or a connection with something that we all feel but find it hard to put into words.