Pete Sherrard


3D Thoughts:


"Couple"      Resin, ash, stone base.   h:71cm  W:41cm  d:27cm                                    

"Acumen"      Resin, wood ash, stone base.   h:57cm w:23cm d:37cm                                  

"Ataraxia"    Resin, ash, stone base.  h:35cm w:26cm d:24cm                                        

"Mouse"       Brass resin. h:32cm w:33cm d:30cm                                                    

"Sahel"       Resin, ash, rice  h:100cm w:30cm d:30cm                                              

"Fragile"     Resin, ash, stone base.   h;60cm                                                    

"Upekkha"     Ash resin.    h:30cm  W:48cm  d:25cm                                                

"Sitting Boy" Slate resin, stone base. h:24cm  W:24cm  d:15cm  (not including base)                

"Conflict 1"  Resin, ash, bamboo base. h:30cm (not including base)

"Fusion (Wheelchair Racer) Bronze or Ash resin. h:15cm w:40cm.                              





"Lull"                             Oxidised Bronze Resin.     h:40cm  W:30cm  d:24cm                                    

"Concatenation (Reclining nude 3)" Resin, ash. bamboo base. (including base) h:28cm, l:23cm, w:14cm                  

"Equivoke"                         Resin, slate, marble base.    h: about 60cm                                          

"Halcyon"                          Resin, ash.     h:33cm  W:16cm  d:17cm

"Listening to Insects"             Resin, ash.     L: about 100cm

"Crouching woman"                  Resin, ash.     H:60cm, W:60, D:60cm

"Stone Thinker"                    Bath stone.





"Laurie"         Resin, ash, Marble base. Life size.

"Swimmer"        Resin, ash, gold leaf.    h:45cm  W:30cm  d:18cm                                    

"Sleeping"       Resin, wood ash, stone base.

"NIcky"          Resin, ash. Life size.

"Rice man"       Resin, rice, oak base.  Life size.

"Izzy"           Bronze resin. About h:15cm (including base)

"Nelson"         Resin, ash. Life size

"Neil"           Resin, slate, ash.  Life size.

"Morris the Dog" Resin, slate, painted or un-painted. Life-size.



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