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Pete Sherrard


Modern British sculptors. figurative. contemporary portraits. talented figurative sculptor. resin, clay, plasticine. COntemporary modern figurative sculpture.

I am interested in body language.



The subtle ways our bodies change according to our emotional or mental states. The way our bodies can speak in terms that are sometimes harder to express when using words.



By blending and combining the human with more basic, aesthetically driven, natural forms I hope to use this language to create sculptures that reflect these moods and to ask questions that we all ask in some way, at some time, about ourselves.



Once the work is completed, I don't want to tell the viewer too much about the original catalysts that drove the work but to let the figures speak quietly but more directly to a deeper, non-intellectual part of ourselves.



Each sculpture represents not a defined, single statement but an ambiguous and complex group of emotions that hopefully, we can relate to, recognize and empathize with in a way that allows us to sense these feelings and confront them.